Visitng the Louvre on 2020

Are you visiting to the Louvre with your family ?

The Louvre is a Must See !

It is a great opportunity for children to begin learning how to appreciate Art & History 

Tips for visiting the Louvre with kids


How to visit the Louvre with your kids ?

First, go check if you can buy your tickets using this link.

I adivce you to do this 1 to 3 months prior the visit. 

For transportation, If You go to the Louvre using a Taxi or Uber, give your driver this address : Louvre, the Glass Pyramid. 

Then take the left entrance at the Pyramid if you have your tickets with you and then go left after the security check to take the elevator for families with a stroller.

If you use the metro, check my page : How to go to the Louvre with the Metro.


Hire me as your tour guide

The Louvre is very big . 

Hiring a Professional Tour guide in Paris, experienced with kids seems to be a reasonable decision and an easier way to enjoy more time with your children. 

Planning a family trip to Paris for the first-time can be long : You will read a lot of different opinions on internet, get a lot of advice and try to schedule everything to the smallest details. 

I am a Louvre expert. I go to the Louvre almost everyday. I work on Treasure Hunts for kids and I designed my own booklet for Family tours. I also curate Private Louvre guided tours for adults who wish to learn deeply about the Masterpieces of the Louvre.


Surprise the kids with a Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts at the Louvre are the best gift you can offer to your kids to enjoy learning about the biggest museum and the world masterpieces and develop their passion for Art & History. 

I use storytelling techniques adapted for kids to grab their attention and let them appreciate the beauty of the Art Masterpieces displayed in the Louvre. 

These tips can be used in their lives to appreciate other Art pieces in the rest of the world. 

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