Emma's Treasure Hunt


I am a Tour guide in Paris specialized in the Louvre Museum Tours. 

I made a treasure hunt of the Louvre for families visiting with kids.

Suited for all ages between 6 to 12, designed to have a fun and meaningful moment in the biggest museum of the world !

We will see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory ...

Treasure Hunt in the Louvre

Louvre Treasure Hunt

The children will follow the steps of the archaeologists, solving mysteries in the Louvre by discovering the masterpieces and observing the details hidden in the Art pieces.

Their answers to the clues will lead them to the Treasure !!


Emma : Louvre Tour Guide

I am a Tour guide in Paris specialized in the Louvre Museum Tours. 

I love helping families visiting Paris planning their trip and giving them well-meaning advice.

Feel free to ask me questions !


suited for all ages between 6 to 12

Even though Parents are allowed to participate a little :) this Tour is designed for children between 6 to 12 with specific color set and a booklet designed to interact with kids.

Why Should you do the tour ?


All masterpieces in one tour

All masterpieces in one tour

All masterpieces in one tour

  My treasure hunt has the same itinerary as the Louvre Highlight tour : you will see all the masterpieces and a broad range of artifacts from Egypt, sculptures from Greek and Roman Empire, biggest painting in the world from the Renaissance, Italian painters such as Da Vinci, we will learn about the French Revolution and the Louvre history ... 


Playing Detectives

All masterpieces in one tour

All masterpieces in one tour

  The young detectives will be very motivated through my informative & interactive Treasure Hunt 

Parents are welcome to intervene and play too 😊 

It is a very special moment of learning with play for the kids !


Best Art Collection

All masterpieces in one tour

Best Art Collection

  Kids and their parents learn from the same pieces of art displayed in the National Museum, that has the richest collection of the World !

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You can ask me questions here :

I hope I see you soon in Paris

Feel free to send a message with all your questions about Paris and planning the trip.

Louvre Guided Tour

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About me


 I have worked as an educator and researcher at various cultural organisations and museums in France, Ireland and the UK - including the Louvre, Orleans House Gallery and the Arts Service of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, where I managed a dynamic team of educators and designed educational programs for a wide range of age groups and backgrounds.  I currently lectures in Museum Studies at the Sorbonne Nouvelle.  

Although work and studies have taken me away from Paris for brief stints, I am always drawn back to this city.  

I hold qualifications in Art History from University College Dublin and La Sorbonne. 

My masters research focused on how Egyptian themes were used as propaganda in the public art of Napoleonic Paris.

I have a deep passion for storytelling and so stories are central to the way I talk about history. One thing my research highlighted is that art, architecture and historical events don’t happen in a vacuum and it is only when you start looking at them in context that they really come to life. 

I hope you contact me soon and we can have a chat about your trip here to Paris in 2020 !