Louvre Access from Metro


Louvre Access : Simple Plan

Hi, I am Emma , an official Tour Guide at the Louvre . If we book together your Louvre Guided tour, we can meet at your hotel hall in Paris Center or at the Louvre directly to start the tour right away. 

If we choose to meet at the Louvre, you can either take a cab to Louvre Pyramid or take Uber and search for Louvre Pyramid on the App search bar. 


The equestrian statue

I will be waiting for you. In case you arrive earlier here is my number :  +33787082577  


Meeting Point

All the tour guides choose this big statue in front of the Louvre to meet !

Read below the exact instruction to get to this statue from the Metro "Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre" -->>


How to go by metro to the Louvre ?

 If you go by Metro, it is very simple to follow exactly my instructions , that I believe are the easiest way to go and meet at the Louvre : 

  1. Take Metro : Line 1 - to Station " Palais Royal - Louvre " 
  2. Go to Exit 2 ( called "Sortie 2" )
  3. Across the road, you will see 3 big doors . Get inside the big Doors
  4. You find yourself in a big place called : The Carrousel of the Louvre and you already see the pyramid of glass
  5. Find the Big equestrian statue, a man of a horse, and meet me there !

Simple Plan to access to the Louvre on 2020


Take Metro Line 1

To get to line 1 in the Metro, try to use Google maps or RATP.FR and find the nearest station of Metro. 

At any Metro station in Paris , there are very simple plans and direction to go line 1. 

Once you get to line 1, follow direction to get to Station "Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre"

( PS : A lot of my visitors from L.A. and New York find Paris very easy to navigate , so do not worry , you will see how cool and easy it is to take the subway in Paris ) 

Take Exit 2 from Metro "Palais Royal - Musée du Louvre"


Exit 2 : PL. Du Palais royal

Take the escalator to exit 2 ( Sortie 2 : Pl. du Palais Royal ) and you will find yourself in a big place.

On your right, Look for the big doors across the road. 

Get to the doors and you will already see the Big Place with the Big Pyramid made of Glass. 

Find the Statue to meet


Place of Carrousel du Louvre

The Place du Carrousel is just one of the most beautiful and quiet places of Paris. You can enjoy a little walk in the gardens and time for pictures with the Louvre Pyramid


King Louis XIV Equestrian Statue

The statue was commissioned by the King of France : the Louis XIV . He ordered the excellent Italian sculptor and Architect Lorenzo Bernini ( born in 1598 ) to come to Paris right away and he sculpted from one single block of Carrara marble this statue that was completed in approximately 1677 !


Here is a Picture of Me : EMMA

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