I will help you buy your Louvre tickets


Here is what to do

The Louvre does not offer anymore tickets at the stands, you need to buy your tickets online in advance.

I recommend you buy tickets online from the official website, 2 to 3 months prior the Louvre guided tour. 

I can purchase the tickets for you :

Be careful : all tickets are personal with your name and date on it, so you can't buy it from an app or else !

Please tell me in advance your date, your name and number of people, so I can buy the tickets before they are sold out !

This is where to go to check if your tour date is still available : 

  1. Go to The official Louvre Billetterie
  2. Check if the dates you want are still open
  3. Come back to me 

Online Ticket Sample


Louvre Tickets

Your Louvre tickets should look like this. 

Please verify with your provider that you have your name & date & hour & a bar code on a pdf ticket from the official Louvre Billeterie 

Contact me for booking the tickets

Skip the line tickets - the louvre - 17 euro per adult - free for children under 18

Better yet, send me a whatsapp +33787082577

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